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About me

In the realm of experimental filmmaking, my work transcends the boundaries of traditional narrative, weaving a tapestry of imagery and sound that challenges the very essence of cinematic expression.

Each project is an exploration of the avant-garde, a deliberate departure from the conventional, where visual poetry takes precedence over linear storytelling. Through a fusion of unconventional techniques like multi-layered projections and abstract montage, my films become immersive experiences, inviting viewers to question the familiar and embrace the unexpected.

My creative process is a dance with chaos and order, as I find inspiration in the unpredictable and seek meaning in the seemingly abstract. With each frame, I strive to redefine the language of cinema, leaving audiences with a visceral and thought-provoking encounter that lingers long after the credits roll.

What I do

Experimental films, Directing, Editing, Director of Photography, Consultations and more…